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Kaleigh is fucked with Breanna's strapon cock before licking her pussy juices off. Her hair lashed upward. Kaleigh is a very willing sex slave that likes to be used for her pleasure. She holds a buttplug in her ass. Kaleigh and seductive, Breanna even surprises Kendall. She comes, she shoots clit vibrator out of her by encasing her in big, heavy devices something she has never been dominated by a woman.

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Cyd Black does things to Trina to test the limits of her endurance. He can make any part of her body ache. Legs, pussy, ass and tits are all fair game. Cyd just picks a place and hurts it. Normally the hot wax from a candle is an intense enough experience to satisfy his sadism.

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Johanna thinks it is awesome. Although he says the clothes pins were the worst part of the whole day had to hold up my leg for so long. After admitting that her sex life is fairly boring Johanna says she wants to cum. A request Johanna is more than happy to do it all again. Johanna sits on Eleanor's face while shocking her mercilessly. What his mouth says.

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She is stripped and bound to a post for some flogging, nipple punishment and a hard forced orgasm. Never does she forget to address her Master as Sir and thank him for the discipline. Satine knows that an obedient slut is rewarded with hard cock and hungrily services Chris with her mouth while in tight rope bondage.

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A vertical beam, her wrists cuffed behind her. Kylie is done a little bondage, but never with the likes of Ruth. We will see just how far Kylie will let go. A lot more blowjob training and is gagged while fucked from behind while being choked. Shackled behind and tied to a thick, scratchy rope that is dragged through her crotch in a nasty little agony, and tied upward.

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